Getting started with Script-Ware

👋 Welcome to Script-Ware;

the powerful, multiple use, scripting engine. Script-Ware was built on providing an extremely expansive and impressive scripting functionality and scripting environment for all users.

This documentation will address everything to do with Script-Ware. Including account set-up, user interface options, friend system, script centre, scripting API and more.

Script-Ware is focused on providing an extremely user friendly and innovative environment where-by users can share scripts, play around with their friends and develop top tier scripts.

We currently fully support both Windows and macOS. Both platforms may have some differences between them, however, rest assured we have documented everything in relation to both platforms.

What can you expect from Script-Ware?

  • An extremely user friendly interface and usability, no more confusing problems and ambiguous situations. Script-Ware lays out everything for you on an extremely easy to digest way.
  • An adaptive and deliberately broad environment, we have one of the largest and easiest to understand script environment where-by we have implemented script functions that can be (and are!) easily taken advantage of.
    • Easy script development, with the ability to pass scripts across users, Script-Ware makes script development (or script sharing) really simple!

You can quickly jump to information that you may require by looking at the left context menu. Although Script-Ware was made extremely simple and intuitive to use, we understand that issues can arise unknowingly. Let's dive into our documentation.